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The Daily Telegraph

Take a deep breath...
August 27, 2016
If you have seen Luc Besson’s 1988 film The Big Blue, you will know about the moment when the sport of freediving was propelled into the public consciousness. One character, Enzo Molinari, aims to dive the deepest, holding his breath the longest and pushing his body to the limit. The other, Jacques Mayol, is less interested in breaking records. [...]


And the grandparents came too
August 2016
For a proper take-to-the-high-seas-me-hearties adventure, opt for Tiger Blue, a traditional jaw-dropper of an Indonesian phones that sleeps 10. Inside, it’s all cool Balinese style (including child-friendly cabins), while outside are sprawling decks, billowing sails and outdoor beds for those who wish to sleep beneath the stars. [...]

Condé Nast Traveller

The Gold List 2016
February 2016
For 23 years it has been one of the best in the bush. And now, finally, joyfully, Singita’s original safari lodge has had a well-deserved makeover by the South African design powerhouse of Cecile & Boyd. Walls have been removed to let in the sunlight and anything stuffy or colonial, the tartan and the heavy drapes, has been binned [...]

Country Life

Dream Team
Winter 2015-2016
Unlike other general managers, often tucked away in their windowless offices, Christelle breezes around the hotel: fresh, French, all style and all smiles, as frontline as she is back office. And no wonder — she started more than ten years ago in the restaurant of this French Caribbean outpost and has since seamlessly made her way up to the top job. [...]


Travel Guide 2016
December 2015
It’s big on drama, this place. The location alone — on the Oloololo (try saying that after three G&Ts) escarpment, 1,000 feet above the Maasai Mara — will knock your little khaki shorts off. This striking new lodge has big names behind it: owned by safari legends Steve and Nicky Fitzgerald; designed by Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens [...]

The Daily Telegraph

Blood Lions warns against the dark side of African voluntourism
December 1, 2015
Blood Lions focuses on the captive lion breeding and canned hunting industry in South Africa and raises questions about whether a number of centres that offer activities such as cub petting and the chance to “walk with lions” are part of bona fide conservation, research or education projects. [...]


October 2014
City of dreams and 24-hour buzz. This is the NYC of the continent -- it’s modern, it’s ambitious, it rocks. Say hello to next-generation Africa. [...]


The hot ticket: Johannesburg
February 2013
Jo’burg is Africa’s urban trump card, a funky financial juggernaut where everybody and their Ridgeback wants to move in and make it. Artistic enclaves are springing up faster than you cn shout BRAAI!, such as pioneering Arts on Main, a block of tarted up warehouses in the once no-go, now must-go, east. [...]

South Africa's art scene comes of age
September 12, 2012
African art is enjoying a boom with increasing demand and prices being paid by buyers.
Michelle Jana Chan visits Johannesburg in South Africa which is fast becoming an epicentre for tourists and galleries.


Giving Back
April 10, 2006
Hotels Make It Easier To Make A Difference. When Bill Frew checked into the Hôtel de la Paix in Cambodia in January, he planned to eat, drink and relax in five-star luxury, as well as see Angkor Wat. [...]