Backstory - Contemporary art in Johannesburg

After a busy month in Namibia I was flying back to London via Johannesburg and had only a half-day in the city to film my story -- on the South Africa’s contemporary art movement. I confess I was rather daunted at the prospect.

I had arranged a couple of interviews in advance, which turned out well. I was also given a few ideas by those interviewees -- including to head to Arts on Main and the Maboneng district, an upcoming neighbourhood transforming itself into a zone of workshops, design spaces and ateliers. It was a fantastic discovery.

I wanted -- of course -- to have black South Africans and women represented in my piece whether artists or gallery owners, collectors or investors. But in spite of my efforts I did not succeed. The names I was given were neither in the city nor the country, or simply not available. It was disappointing not to be able to follow through successfully on these leads.

Which brings me to my greatest obstacle on this assignment: the limited time. I was so pressed that I only had time to do one piece-to-camera, and that was rushed too. But the interviews were strong, and I believe I met as many key people in the industry that I could in the few hours I had. I look forward to returning to Johannesburg to see how the contemporary art scene continues to develop across the country.