Backstory - Perito Moreno glacier, Patagonia

It was the first time I had filmed upon a glacier. I wore crampons on the base of my hiking boots to grip the icy surface. I wished I had mini-crampons for the three legs of my tripod too.

The weather was not ideal. There was snow, then rain, followed by sleet. There was sun, then cloud. Too much glare, then flat grey light. I switched from using all my filters to none at all. These were tricky filming conditions but at least it was not too cold and there was no wind.

Consequently, I shot most of the footage on dry land looking towards the glacier. The key shot to catch was ice splintering off the glacier head. I zoomed out to view as much of the glacier as possible. There would be a crack like gunshot as the ice began to break off, and I swiftly moved my focus to where I guessed the rupture might happen. After a day and a half, I had barely caught a snatch. I credit the editor for managing to extract something watchable from my tapes.