Backstory - National Palace Museum, Taiwan

Ah, the joys of working in a tech city like Taipei. When equipment breaks, it can be fixed. And fixed quickly. When I switched on my radio microphone, it was full of interference. It sounded like a loose connection. Not only did I find a stellar sound engineer to sort out the problem but he also provided me with a substitute radio mike until the job was done. The radio mike he loaned me was way better than mine, too.

This must have been one of my easier assignments. I was staying at a nice hotel where I could organise my equipment, recharge batteries and play tapes back on a television. I could also shower every day and my clothes were clean. That meant I did not need to look my usual worn self on air.

At the museum they provided me with a staff member to act as a guide, a rare luxury. Best of all, it meant I could go to the bathroom without having to carry all my gear into a cubicle. Bliss.