Backstory - Muay Thai in Bangkok

It took only a half-day to nail this story, a welcome departure from my usual protracted expeditions. In addition the material was naturally dynamic so it was straightforward capturing the physicality of the sport, the sweat and the passion. The teachers and students at Bangkok’s Sasiprapa Gym were as helpful as they were comfortable on camera.

The trickiest part was trying to film myself as I learnt the moves. I had to zoom fully out to ensure I stayed in frame as I sparred with my teacher and moved about the mat. Unfortunately that meant I did not have any close ups of my fists or thumping elbows.

There was also a lot of fumbling as I pulled on and off my boxing gloves to alternately fight and then fiddle with buttons on my camera. My teacher was wonderfully patient.

Amidst the work I did manage to engage with the sport and loved learning the basic techniques of muay thai. The owner of the gym later emailed me inviting me back to spend a few weeks under his tutelage. I must take him up on that offer some time.