Tatler - Zephyr vs Zoom
February 2015

There are two types of sailing -- the blowy and the showy, says Michelle Jana Chan.

Sail Motor
THE VIBE It’s all about action. This is salt-and-wnd-in-the-hair stuff. It’s all about luxury. And a tiny bit of showing off.
WHERE? Anywhere there’s a decent breeze. Anywhere there’s a decent lunch.
AND WILL I SPILL MY DRINK? Hell yes! Don’t be daft -- the gyro stabilisers are on.
THE TECH SPEC Billowing sails and a chic hull (there’s a nippy motor for the harbours). There are some serious horses in your engines, which means you’ll definitely make it to the party on time. Otherwise there’s always the helicopter.
WHAT TO PACK Lashings of moisturiser, ChapStick, wraparound shades, visors and wet-weather gear (you can buy Musto kit on Net-a-Porter these days). Three changes of bikini, kaftan, sandals, jewellery, sunhat and sunglasses… a day.
TOYS Fly-fishing rods, masks, fins and perhaps some dive gear. Inflatable slides, jet-packs, amphibious jeeps and powerboards.
WHO? Rags-to-riches entrepreneurs, minor European royals and that highly strung breed of wealthy adrenalin junkie -- mostly Brits, French and Scandis. Arab princes, American dynasties, Hollywood stars, oligarchs and media moguls.
HOW GREEN IS THE SCENE? No engine hum, no smelly fumes and you can access parts of the planet where petrol craft are slapped with an ‘environmental tax’. Well, not the best -- make yourself feel better by donating a percentage of the charter cost to the Blue Marine Foundation.
CREW Brawny, tanned, naturally highlighted hair and bit leathery. A bit hot, too. Spick and span in their uniforms.
TROPHY VESSEL The gorgeous J Class. Very yar. Any of Roman’s. Very big.