Tatler - Nautical but nice... Hello sailor!
June 2013

Yacht, houseboat, tallship, phinisi -- the best vessels on the seas.

Take the helm, climb the mast, swab the deck. Let free your inner salty seadog aboard HMB Endeavour, a faithful replica of 18th-century navigator James Cook’s tallship. No sailing experience required, but you do need a sense of adventure and a stomach of steel. Be warned: this is not luxury, no siree. Days are spent handling the rigging, furling the sails, and tying and untying endless knots. By night the captain teaches celestial navigation beneath skies cluttered with constellations. Quarters are cramped. Showers are limited to 60 seconds. Everyone takes turn to stand watch -- day and night -- which means broken sleep in swinging hammocks. See? Not luxury. But food is hearty, shipmate spirit is fierce and nothing beats striding beneath billowing sails over a vast blue sea.

Michelle Jana Chan travelled with Tselana Travel (www.tselana.com).