Tatler - Mandalay's wise guys
July 2012

Burma is undergoing a sea change… Aung San Suu Kyi’s party claimed victory in almost every seat contested in the recent historic election. From here on, the most beautiful untouched country in all South-East Asia will have droves of travellers busy knocking on its doors, not least for the temples of Bagan and the glories of the Ngapali Riviera. But don’t miss out on the not very funny but very brave, irreverent trio known as the Moustache Brothers, two of whom have spent time in prison. They run a nightly stand-up show in Mandalay -- tourists are so confused by the slapstick they don’t know whether to laugh or cry: ‘Go to the dentist in Thailand because you’re not allowed to open your mouth here.’ Against a backdrop of bizarre hand-painted signage (FBI, Mossad, International Criminal Court), they’ll let you take photos as they grimace and hoot. Say ‘Moustache Brothers’ to any trishaw driver and he’ll know where to take you.

Michelle Jana Chan flew with Qatar Airways.