Tatler - Constance Moofushi, Maldives
May 2011

This is the Maldives away from the oozing newlywed feel of other islands. For ladies who like lying on the beach, a little spa action and lots of diving, Moofushi is a new number that’s pulled off the remarkable trick of being the loveliest all-inclusive ever. It’s high-end doing all-in. Some may wrinkle their peeling nose at such a thing, but whatever your excesses -- cocktails, fags, Facebook (free wifi) -- it won’t cost an extra penny. The relief. The best villas are furthest flung at the tip of very long jetties; interiors are bright and breezy with seaside touches like oversized storm lanterns. Flop off the deck into marine heaven and dive, baby, dive. This is some of the Maldives’ best -- look out for gorgeous whale sharks for starters. Then oil up at the spa. Forget the buffet -- a let-down -- but there’s a decent restaurant, Alizée. The Italians and French are all on to the new spot but the Brits will soon catch up -- there’s no kids’ club and it’s not so snobby that you don’t end up talking to the next table.