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Country Life

Dream Team
Winter 2015-2016
Unlike other general managers, often tucked away in their windowless offices, Christelle breezes around the hotel: fresh, French, all style and all smiles, as frontline as she is back office. And no wonder — she started more than ten years ago in the restaurant of this French Caribbean outpost and has since seamlessly made her way up to the top job. [...]

The Wall Street Journal

Going With the Flow on the Mekong River
July 3, 2015
Kneeling down on the pavement in Luang Prabang, I rest my swing-basket of sticky rice, warm and damp, on my lap. At this early hour, the light is still colorless and the shadows long. In the distance, a procession of monks in glorious robes trails down from one of the city’s many gilded Buddhist temples. [...]

The Daily Telegraph

What a difference a baby makes
July 22, 2014
As the globe-trotting Prince George celebrates his first birthday, Michelle Jana Chan - who has taken already her one-year-old on 50 flights - reflects on the challenges and rewards of travelling en famille. [...]

The Daily Telegraph

A cooking masterclass with Michel Roux
July 20, 2014
We are squatting on inch-high wooden stools under a tree on the bank of a brackish lagoon. As we chat, a train suddenly roars past a few feet behind us. The tracks had been disguised by undergrowth. We both wince; we clearly have not chosen the perfect location for a picnic. [...]

Journey along the Mekong
March 26, 2010
Beginning her journey in northern Laos, Michelle Jana Chan follows the Mekong River, exploring temples and spotting Irrawaddy dolphins, through Cambodia down to the delta in Vietnam.

Financial Times

Hanoi cuisine retains its French flavour
March 5, 2010
I curled my fingers around a cup of gritty black coffee and watched a group of students sitting along the pavement on plastic stools. In the midst of their huddle was a steaming pan of freshwater snails. [...]

The Daily Telegraph

Vietnam : Embers of empire
July 16, 2005
Fifty years on, there is still a strong French accent to life in Vietnam. The French used to say of their former colonies in Indo-China: "In Vietnam they plant the rice, in Cambodia they watch it grow and in Laos they listen to it grow." Things haven't changed much. [...]