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The ancient Mayans in Mexico
December 18, 2012
The end of the Mayan calendar cycle on December 21 is being seen by some as sign the world could face an apocalypse and end on that date.


Shhh, it's a secret
March 2012
Isla Holbox is a little-known island cast off the Yucatán Peninsula, only a couple hours from Cancún and Cozumel but encapsulating everything those towns are not: low-key, low-rise and low in tourist numbers, with golf buggies the only transport along soft sandy lanes.

Whale sharks in Mexico
October 21, 2011
Swimming with the world's biggest fish is one of the greatest marine adventures, but concerns have been raised about the impact of increasing numbers of whale shark tourists.


Window on the world
June 26, 2007
LONDON, England -- Don't bother to pack your bags. Skip the queues at the airport. Forget security and immigration checks. Even leave your passport behind. Sound like a perfect holiday ? Just log on to a virtual vacation, whether it be lazing on a beach, a ski trip or climbing archaeological ruins. Or all three -- in the same hour. [...]

The Daily Telegraph

Pick the world's new wonders
June 16, 2007
An ancient list is being updated, through a modern worldwide poll. Michelle Jana Chan looks at the 21 contenders. On July 7, there will be a new version of the Seven Wonders of the World, a list that has always captured the imagination of travellers. [...]


The New Inn Crowd
May 20, 2007
Why celebrities like Francis Ford Coppola, Robert Redford and Richard Branson are getting into the hotel business. He may be more famous for directing "The Godfather" film trilogy, but Francis Ford Coppola has another trio of esteemed creations to his name: three boutique hotels hidden in the Central American jungle. [...]