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And the grandparents came too
August 2016
For a proper take-to-the-high-seas-me-hearties adventure, opt for Tiger Blue, a traditional jaw-dropper of an Indonesian phones that sleeps 10. Inside, it’s all cool Balinese style (including child-friendly cabins), while outside are sprawling decks, billowing sails and outdoor beds for those who wish to sleep beneath the stars. [...]


Travel Guide 2016
December 2015
It’s big on drama, this place. The location alone — on the Oloololo (try saying that after three G&Ts) escarpment, 1,000 feet above the Maasai Mara — will knock your little khaki shorts off. This striking new lodge has big names behind it: owned by safari legends Steve and Nicky Fitzgerald; designed by Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens [...]

The Daily Telegraph

We can’t all be Himalayan climbers
October 20, 2014
In the wake of one of Nepal’s worst trekking disasters, the rescue efforts are just beginning. Already, harrowing stories are emerging. Hundreds of tourists and Nepalis have been caught up in the recent snow storms and avalanches in the Himalayan mountains, killing more than 40 and injured nearly 200. [...]


We’re all explorers now
Spring 2011
A week under a palm tree doing nothing? Very last century – unless you’re recovering from a trip down the Congo or a trek across the Sahara. In a world where the extreme has become the ordinary, Michelle Jana Chan attempts three famous peaks in Tanzania, Kenya and the Alps.

Climbing Kilimanjaro
July 2010
Making her way up to the summit of Africa's highest mountain, Michelle Jana Chan considered the impact of tourism on the area.

Condé Nast Traveler

Hot List Hotels 2010
May 2010
Not since the last sultan's palace has there been anything so stylish on this fabled east African isle... Amantaka, Luang Prabang, Laos : a clever conversion of Luang Prabang's old provincial hospital has created the most luxurious property in the country. [...]


Island Fling
January 2010
Once a far-flung hippie hang-out, Zanzibar has blossomed into a proper paradise. Michelle Jana Chan is captivated by the spirit of an African outpost. Does anywhere in the world have a more enticing ring to it than Zanzibar ? [...]